The Sales Tracker is one of our most requested appointment book layouts, and is used by many hair stylists, nail techs, aestheticians and other professionals. 

It features a unique layout that includes 15 minute appointment increments from 8am to 9pm, along with daily and weekly sales tracking features.  

Each KBD Graphics planner contains 12 full months which allows you to choose your starting month & year. Our custom appointment books are a lifesaver during tax season!


Daily Totals Include:

  • Services
  • Retail
  • Tips
  • Totals

Weekly Totals Include:

  • Services
  • Retail
  • Tips
  • Expenses
  • Profit


Choose your days:

  • 6 day - Mon to Sat
  • 7 day - Sun to Sat
  • 7 day - Mon to Sun


Other pages include:

  • 2 year overview
  • Bill payment tracker
  • Monthly profit tracker
  • Important dates page
  • Monthly expense sheet
  • Monthly calendar
  • Client sheet (located at the end of each month)
  • 6 inventory sheets
  • 6 client formula sheets
  • 5 lined notes pages